Just Breathe and

Let the beauty of that what you love be what you do. - RUMI

Eka Pada Urdhva Danurasana Yoga Ladakh Leh Himalaya
Eka Pada Urdhva Danurasana Yoga Ladakh Leh Himalaya

About me

Born in Berlin, I have been dancing since I can remember.

I am teaching yoga since 2012.

I studied Clothing Technologies and have an MA in Science but I feel I belong to the health service. 


I was brought to the path of teaching by my dear friend Faramarz. By his invitation, my whole life changed, and his initiation is the starting point of where I am right now. Forever grateful!


I am a student of Sri Dharma Mittra where I finished master training and received instruction for Psychic Development and Yoga Nidra. 

I am an Aerial Yoga (Om Factory Flight School) and Kids & Family Yoga (Rainbow Yoga Australia) Teacher. 


My whole lifetime I am dealing with body & movement, communication & energy, transformation & trance. 


My penchant for Tibetan Traditions and Teachings always flow into my studies and reflect in my teachings.

I study and practise under the guidance of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.


I give Massage Journeys and recently started to give Practicum Sessions to complete my Intuitive Healer Training.


Contact me for a sweet session


100 Hour Intuitive Healer Training
with Julie Sundara 
@ Sunyoga Berlin
Holistic Dance Workout Trainer
@ Bellyfit Canada
27 hrs Yoga for Kids and Families
by Rainbow Yoga Australia 
@ Dharma Yoga Berlin 
50 hrs Aerial Yoga 
@ Om Factory New York
800 hrs Dharma Yoga
( Dharma Yoga 4, Yoga Nidra, 
Psychic Development )  
@ Dharma Yoga Center New York
500 hrs Hatha-Raja- Vinyasa 
( Dharma Yoga 2 & 3 )
@ Dharma Yoga Center New York
50 hrs Yin&Yang Yoga
( Dragon Dance )
@ 8  Treassures Oslo
200 hrs Hatha-Vinyasa
@ Om Factory New York
@ Tanzwerkstatt No Limit Berlin

Sunny Samadhi Sunny Sky Yogalehrer Berlin Kreuzberg

“The Spiritual Sun already blazes within.”

~Sri Dharma Mittra~

"Not thinking of you"


sit in meditation and be...


the stillness of the body

the silence of speech


the spaciousness of the mind


Finding an ocean of new concepts that will help to relief and empower you


Meditation lead to concentration, relaxation, visions, astral travels and other solutions.

Urdhva Padmasana Sunny Samadhi Leh Ladakh Jamu Kaschmir India