Just Breathe and Let the beauty of that what you love be what you do. - RUMI

Eka Pada Urdhva Danurasana Yoga India Ladakh Leh Himalaya Sunny Samadhi

About me

Born in Berlin, I have been dancing since I can remember.

I am teaching yoga since 2012.

I studied Clothing Technologies and have an MA in Science, but I feel I belong to the health service. 


I was brought to the path of teaching by my dear friend Faramarz. By his invitation, my whole life changed, and his initiation is the starting point of where I am right now. Forever grateful!


I am a Sri Dharma Mittra student, where I finished master training and received instruction for Psychic Development and Yoga Nidra. 

I am an Aerial Yoga (Om Factory Flight School) and Kids & Family Yoga (Rainbow Yoga Australia) Teacher. 


My whole lifetime, I am dealing with body & movement, communication & energy, transformation & trance. 


My penchant for Tibetan Traditions and Teachings always flow into my studies and reflect in my teachings.

I study and practise under the guidance of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.


I offer Massage Journeys and recently started to give Practicum Sessions to complete my Intuitive Healer Training.


Contact me for a sweet session.


100 Hour Intuitive Healer Training
with Julie Sundara 
@ Sunyoga Berlin
Holistic Dance Workout Trainer
@ Bellyfit Canada
27 hrs Yoga for Kids and Families
by Rainbow Yoga Australia 
@ Dharma Yoga Berlin 
50 hrs Aerial Yoga 
@ Om Factory New York
800 hrs Dharma Yoga
( Dharma Yoga 4, Yoga Nidra, 
Psychic Development )  
@ Dharma Yoga Center New York
500 hrs Hatha-Raja- Vinyasa 
( Dharma Yoga 2 & 3 )
@ Dharma Yoga Center New York
50 hrs Yin&Yang Yoga
( Dragon Dance )
@ 8  Treassures Oslo
200 hrs Hatha-Vinyasa
@ Om Factory New York
@ Tanzwerkstatt No Limit Berlin

Sunny Samadhi Sunny Sky Yogalehrer Berlin Kreuzberg

“The Spiritual Sun already blazes within.” ~Sri Dharma Mittra~