Massage Journeys




- energizing –


The traditional massage form comes from Hawaii and is said to be the „Queen of massages“.


Lomi Lomi is a wellness massage for relaxation and stress reduction. 


The body is massaged from head to toe tips with plenty of oil.

Deep relaxation is achieved with hands, forearms and elbows. The joints are gently turned and loosened.


The constant change of touch - sometimes small and circling, sometimes long and flowing, sometimes light, sometimes powerful - leaves a feeling of surging waves on the body. Long after the massage, you can feel that feeling.

Hot Stone



- grounding -


Hot basalt stone treatments were performed already 2.000 BC in China. 


The Indian and Hawaiian shamans also knew about the beneficial effects of hot stones on the human body.


Before the stone treatment starts, the body is rubbed with fragrant oils.

Hot, smooth, rounded stones are placed along with the spine's energy centres, hands, or between the toes.


The warmth in combination with the applied massage techniques - both hand and stone - stimulates blood circulation, loosens the muscles, and activates the organism's self-healing powers. 


Hot & Cold Stones

Cold stones can be gently added to enhance the blood circulation and please muscles and nerves.




- individual -


The aroma massage combines essential oils with an individual massage. 


The aim and purpose are to please the individual's specific need, relaxation or stimulation.



Fragrances can have a remarkable effect on body, psyche and spirit. In every human, this effect can look different; and some scents have similar results.


The fragrances unfolding, reduce the tensions in the body as well as the tension in the psyche.


In addition to the effect on a person's emotions, the entire organism can be touched by it. The aim is to strengthen the well-being of a person.


The Oil will be selected by Yourself during a small conversation in the beginning.