"Not thinking of you"



what a joy to experience

the stillness of the body

the silence of speech


the spaciousness of the mind



an ocean of new concepts

that will help

to relief and empower you


Meditation leads to

concentration, relaxation, visions,

astral travels and other solutions

Urdhva Padmasana Sunny Samadhi Leh Ladakh Jamu Kaschmir India

Pure Yin

Dragon Dance

A fusion of daoist and indian movements

a dance with your body

a dynamic flow

a breath surfer

a repetition

a poem


A moving meditation taught as Yang in YinYangYoga.

Lady Niguma


Words of Dakini Niguma


What throws you down into samsara's deep ocean

Are these thoughts of attachment and anger.

But realize they don't truly exist,

And all is an island of gold!