"The Magic of Courage"

"Whatever you can do or dream to do, start with it!Courage has genius, strength and magic in itself."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We know our issues, and we like to put them into the back seat of our car, knowing they will always burden our ride and bring more significant damage once we crash. Still, we like to pretend they are not there. It takes courage to grab them by the horns and battle them down to their knees, but we have this power and ability to change and guide us beyond to where our dreams sprout. We can understand our karmic seeds and traces and even touch the idea of emptiness to satisfy our utmost wishes and use our precious lifetime accordingly.

This retreat is designed to deepen the practices learned during "A Midwinters Dream" and go beyond...


As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live!


We are using deep Tibetan cleansing and meditation techniques, to strengthen and vitalize the subtle body, changing our way of thinking and feeling. We will work on physical & emotional patterns and triggers, using surprising writing techniques for life purpose and clarity. These will also guide us through some soft shadow work and thrive towards subconscious imprints and reprogramming and the big issue of LETTING GO...


Oh, brave be you, traveller of your journey! You can take the lead and guide yourself, into boundless horizons...

Sunny Samadhi Sunny Sky Yogalehrer Brasilien Minas Gerais

Nothing changes until you change yourself and then everything changes...

13.02.-18.02. 20.02.-25.02.

28.03.-02.04. 04.04.-09.04.

this retreat is held in South France at the beautiful


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