Yin & Yang Alchemy



It is...

Light and Darkness

Active and Receptive

Meditation and Action 

Sun and Moon

Earth and Sky

Feminine and Masculine 

Ego and Self

Consciousness and Matter


Two Energies 

Embraced by Unity 


Dive with us

deep into the structure of the universe

We will explore

the depth of the physical and psychical


the combination of Yin and Yang

journeying towards the transcendence of duality

into Wu Ji

the state of Unity.

Practices with Sunny


Tibetan Death Meditation

The Dragon Dance

Hormon Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga

Practices with Antoine


Self Care Practices

Taoist Meditation

Energetic Work

Qi Gong

Taï Chi


The highest quality of desire is based on the highest quality of receptivity. 

A pure yin is a total receptivity to the reality and it's wonderful richness. It frees us from every ounce of fear, anger and despair. It gives us a feeling of bliss, abundance and love. 

Inside this openness the pure yang can be engendered : a clear intention, a high desire, an unstoppable passion. 

Combining the two is riding the dragon of our desire with complete confidence and courage, while remaining receptive to the movements of the world. It's flying toward a goal while deeply enjoying the way. It is the unity of happiness and desire. A mind like this, melting meditation and action, can be immensely powerful.

Yin Yang Yoga

Death Meditation

Hormon Yoga

Tai Chi

Yin Yang Principles

Art : Karim Chraihi


The whole team is really looking forward to this trip

- and more on it -

that YOU, great unknown, are coming with us !!!



Arrival Date | Sunday, tba

Departure Date | Saturday, tba


Retreat Facilitation costs + Accommodation costs 


~ seminars, sessions, talks

~ Various room options with shower & WC

~ Organic Vegetarian Full board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

~ Coffee, tea and cake 



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