A Midwinters Dream.With Pagan Poetry Into The New Year

Hey, YOU!

Are you also not in the mood to spend new years eve in the city?

You actually don't like new years eve?

Are you annoyed of mainstream capitalistic Babylon holidays?

Don't you know what it's all about? Just the "coming together "makes sense for you?


Then come with us on vacation over New Year's Eve to France!...


We will enrol the whole thing, back to the point before commerce,

When it was still about contemplation, protection and new beginnings...

Come with us to the south of France from 28.12. - 02.01.2021!

We will honour the "Rauhnächte ", the twelve nights, the rough nights of pagan poetry, and celebrate rebirth!....


Which? Yours! The one of the light!

What is light? - It is clarity, joy, shining skulls and radiating hearts


We spend our time together here with


holistic exercise


clean vegan gluten-free food

Tibetan purifying practices


shiatsu massages or healing sessions (optional)

The days before New Year's Eve we are dealing with the old, the death, the letting go and honouring... and step into the new year (with what we have put down or dressed on new)


5 Elements Dance Meditation

cacao ceremony

vegan feast

The first day of the New Year is full of invitations, visions, creations and we finish the retreat on the 2nd of January, with great anticipation of all that is coming, after lunch …

Who Are We?


A native of Limassol, Cyprus with Greek nationality found his calling to gastronomy while being a Law student in the UK. He enrolled in Le Monde Institute of Hotel and Tourism Studies and embraced his new career with passion. 


Whether working and learning in 3 Michelin star restaurant  AZURMENDI, assisting in an organic farm in Tris Elies village or training under prominent world travelled sommelier such as Yiannis Kaimenakis his knowledge and appreciation for the culinary industry grew.

His work is driven by understanding deeper the values of Sustainability, Biodynamic Agriculture and Holistic Nutrition.


Sunny will be leading the practices in this retreat. The morning yoga will prepare the body for the meditations, assisted by Tibetan cleansing techniques. The highlight will be the 5 Elements Dance Ritual and some Yin, and Yang Yoga practises.


Born in Berlin, she has been teaching yoga since 2012. She is one of the "Dharma-Ji Students", where she completed her master training and received training in psychic development and Yoga Nidra. She is also an aerial-, kid- and family yoga teacher. Overall she finished over 1000hrs of training as well as teaching hours. Despite that, she is always thriving to study more.


Throughout her life, she has been working on body & movement, communication & energy, transformation and trance. Her passion for Tibetan traditions and teachings is a recurrent theme in her studies, and they reflect in her work.

and... Who Are You?

The whole team is looking forward to this trip

- and more on it -

that YOU, the great unknown, are coming with us !!!


The contribution for the six days / 5 nights are per person:


included in the price:

5 nights lodging/ accommodation

25 hrs of  Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Cleansing Techniques, Rituals, Coaching

clean food (vegan, gluten & sugar-free)

journaling books

magical entities for rituals

sauna (towels not included) 


Please note that we can only offer single rooms. You can book a double room if you are a couple, family or belonging to one household otherwise. 

Thank you for understanding!


prizes differ regarding your room of choice at CHEZ ZEN

single room - price (all included as listed above) 1566 €


double room (for two persons belonging to one household)

price (all included as listed above) 1276 € p.P.


double room with shared bathroom (for two persons belonging to one household)

price (all included as listed above) 1218 € p.P.


Travel cost (not included in the seminar fee):

Flights to Toulouse,

Train to Auch, Bus to Fleurance

Shuttle Airport: Toulouse / Chez Zen - (Group Shuttle!! waiting times may apply! for seven people: 40 p.P. €)



Chez Zen is cleaned and disinfected after the governmental guidelines following a strict protocol. We ask our team and guests to follow the behavioural, hygiene and cleaning instructions during the stay. We kindly ask every participant to assure to be 24 hrs free of any symptoms. However, if you have any symptoms, you can still join the retreat if you provide a negative COVID-19 test at arrival. Please understand that we can offer single rooms. You are only allowed to share a room if you belong to the same household. Disinfectants are available on site. Activities that can be held outside will happen on Chez Zen´s huge outdoor platform if the weather allows. In the Seminar house, all front window doors can be opened to provide adequate airflow. Extra dining tables make sure to keep a distance. You will put a sign on your equipment to use it throughout the whole week.



Chez Zen

The beautiful Chez Zen hosts our retreat near Toulouse -

 La Tombe - La Sauvetat (our grave, our salvation)


The beautiful seminar house is equipped with an open kitchen, spacious rooms, and a large yoga and meditation room. A dining corner with oven, in-house meditation cushions, cuddly blankets, yoga mats, straps, foot-ups and a fireplace leaves nothing desired. In addition to a second country house, you will find a sauna, a huge garden, and a fireplace for pleasant evenings on the spacious estate.

There is a lot of space everywhere.

Guest Rooms At Chez Zen

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