A Midwinters Dream.With Pagan Poetry Into The New Year

Hey, YOU!

You are also not in the mood to spend new years eve in the city?

You actually don´ t like new years eve?

You are annoyed of mainstream capitalistic babylon holidays?

You don´ t know what it´ s all about? Just the „coming together“ makes sense for you?


Than come with us on a vacation over New Years Eve to France!...


We will enroll the whole thing, back to the point before commerce,

When it was still about contemplation, protection and new beginnings...

Come with us to the south of France from 28.12. - 02.01.2019!

We will honor the „Rauhnächte“, the twelve nights, the rough nights of pagan poetry, and celebrate rebirth!....


Which? Yours! The one of the light!

What is the light? - It is clarity, joy, shining skulls and radiating hearts


We spend our time together here with

  • yoga
  • holistic exercise
  • meditation
  • clean vegan gluten free food
  • Tibetan purifying practices
  • rituals
  • shiatsu massages or healing sessions (optional)

The days before New Year's Eve we are dealing with the old, the death, the letting go and honoring ... and step into the new year (with what we have put down or dressed on new)


  • 5 Elements Dance Meditation
  • cacao ceremony
  • vegan feast

The first day of the New Year is full of invitations, visions, creations and we finish the retreat on the 2nd of January, with great anticipation of all that is coming, after lunch …

Who Are We

well, who are you?


Mrs. Anja Schmidt, the sovereignty of all cooks will enchant us with her menu, because cheerfulness goes through the stomach! Anja is a true „lekka köllsche“ girl and a golden heart. 


Anja likes to cook for her life and is very creative, innovative and spares no effort. 

She cooks the most delicious things with ease and always has something funny to tell. She's just traveling the world, always looking for something new, meaningful and exciting to learn. 


Mr. Thomas Abelar! He is the founder and master architect of Rainbow Garden. He´s an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu art & bodywork practitioner, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice.


After years of leading Yoga classes in different places, he finally opened his own underground Art & Yoga Temple of Rainbow Garden. It was an experimental phase where his unique style of teaching and performing the art of Yoga was fully incarnated and set in free motion. 


Mrs. Sunny Hoffmann will conduct the meditations, assisted by Tibetan cleansing techniques, as well as the 5 Elements Dance Ritual and Yin and Yang Yoga Elements.


Born in Berlin, she has been dancing since she can think of and has been teaching yoga since 2012. She is one of the "Dharma-ji Students", where she completed her master training and received training in psychic development and yoga nidra. She is also an aerial-, kids- and family yoga teacher. Throughout her life she has been working on body & movement, communication & energy, transformation and trance. Her passion for Tibetan traditions and teachings is a recurrent theme in her studies and  reflect in her work.

Who Are You?

The whole team is really looking forward to this trip

- and more on it -

that YOU, great unknown, are coming with us !!!


The contribution for the 6 days / 5 nights are per person:


included in the price:


seminars, coaching

clean food (vegan, gluten & sugar free)

journaling books

magical entities for rituals



You need:

Flights to Toulouse,

Train to Auch, Bus to Fleurance

Shuttle Airport : Toulouse / Chez Zen - 7 people: 35 €

Chez Zen

Our retreat is hosted by the beautiful Chez Zen near Toulouse -

 La Tombe - La Sauvetat (our grave, our salvation)


The beautiful seminar house is equipped with an open kitchen, spacious rooms, and a large yoga and meditation room. A dining corner with oven, in-house meditation cushions, cuddly blankets, yoga mats, straps, foot-ups and a fireplace leave nothing to be desired. In addition to a second country house you will find on the spacious estate a sauna, a huge garden, and a fireplace for sociable evenings.

There is a lot of space everywhere.

Guest Rooms At Chez Zen

Last Years Impressions