"The Magic Kingdoms"

The Magic Kingdoms Retreat will take place over the winter solstice, which is one of the most sacred sun celebrations happening on the 21st of December. It is the deepest night of the year - which is why it is also called "MUTTERNACHT". That night, deep in the dark earth, in the most silent hours, the goddess gives birth to the child of the sun, the resurgence of the light and the birth of the new life.


At the time of the winter solstice, something changes. Not only the mere darkness reigns, but new life sprouts up, even if it is not yet visible. Under the earth, the forces gather to new life, which will break through in spring. This tremendous energy starts to grow again. That can be felt and perceived. And that is celebrated—the new life in its innocent newborn form.





The Experience Of Love

The Goddess




The Egyptian mother goddess, the goddess of women and birth, the bearer of hope.

Isis masters every situation in the myths of the ancient Egyptians,

even if they seem so hopeless at first.

The story of creation is nothing but a love story








The Experience of Life

The God





His left eye the moon, his right the sun,

with his two eyes, he illuminated the sky - day and night.

His wings ignite the wind.

His spotted breast feathers are the stars,

his wings span the sky 

and he protects those who seek. 

Walk one step at a time and soon you will realize how fast you are moving.

The foundation of the practice in this special retreat is

scientific (the endocrine system) and esoteric (the chakras)

at the same time


 it then combines Yogic and Egyptian Alchemy


Hormone Yoga, Tantric Yoga (Lady Niguma Series)

Sound Breathing & Bija Mantras

will prepare 


 Ancient Egyptian Meditation, Breathing and Visualization Practices 


these advanced practices activate the seat of the source

for a taste of the spring water


we will work immensely on the relationship with the energetic body,

energizing and empowering it


these magical exercises support development and transformation


the main focus is the pineal gland

- the seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed


and the heart

- the ruler of your vibe

thus on the unification of the heart spirit

with the seat of the soul


through this retreat,

you learn to be the creator of your ecstasy


we come to a state of awareness,

increasing our ability to connect to bliss and the source by mere thought,

to strengthen the connection to your divine,

a strong heart vibration,

a bath in the ocean of your samadhi

The most beauty of our earthly experience is the wonderful beings we meet on our way ...


Retreat hosted by Chez Zen

 and Sunny