A Song of Niguma


When one realizes that our many thoughts of anger and desire,

which churn the ocean of Samsara,

are devoid of any self-nature,

everything becomes a land of gold, my child.

When one meditates that magiclike phenomena

are all like magical illusions,

one will attain magiclike buddhahood,

(and all of the five paths and ten stages).

This, through the power of devotion!

Lady Niguma Yoga

A Traditional Tantric Yoga Session

The goal of Lady Niguma's yoga is to eliminate the blockages at the nodes (chakras).


These studies follow the Tibetan and Tantric Chakra System and teachings about the subtle body.


For this, four steps are taken on each chakra:


1. Turn > to loosen the Prana (in Ida and Pingala)

2. Stretch > to bring the Prana out of the side channels

3. Contraction > to move the Prana into the central channel 

4. Distributing > spreading Prana in the central channel


There are 72,000 channels of light; these are physical and consist of very subtle matter or force.


The Prana flows in these channels.

Other names for Prana are Lung / Chi / Inner Wind or Energy.

Prana is necessary for the body to perform functions such as breathing, thinking, speaking, functioning etc.



The three main channels are called:

Sushumna (central channel), Ida and Pingala.


The central channel (the channel of wisdom, colour. sky blue)

located in front of the spine

extends to the pelvic floor

outlet opening behind the third eye


Pingala (the channel of the sun, male assignment, colour: milky red)

flows to the right of the central channel,

down to the legs

outlet opening at the left nostril


Ida (the channel of the moon, female assignment, colour: milky white)

flows to the left of the central channel,

down to the legs

outlet opening at the right nostril


Pingala and Ida knot around the central canal

at the top of the skull, 

level of the third eye, 

at the level of the neck,

three times at the level of the heart,

at the level of the navel and coccyx

and join together on the pelvic floor 



An old Tibetan teaching saying: "lung sem dschug pa tschig pa",

Prana and Thoughts are like Horse and Rider.


Where our thoughts go, the Prana must flow and vice versa.


Ida, Pingala and the central channel connect into each other at the pelvic floor.


Since there is a limited amount of Prana,

Prana always flows in only one channel.


When we get angry, upset or jealous, Prana flows into Pingala

If we feel false desires and are marked by ignorance, Prana flows in Ida

When Prana flows in the Central Channel, we have thoughts of kindness, wisdom, and deep understanding.



Ancient Teachings state;

when all Prana is in the central channel, the river of Prana stops immediately and also the breath stops because it will not be necessary anymore.


The body is nourished by love and wisdom and no longer by air, food and water. When the heart chakra opens, one experiences ultimate love and sees all living beings in all worlds and loves them all at the same time.


The body turns into light, and you gain the ability to multiply, to be able to help all living beings simultaneously in all worlds.


Thus the ultimate goal of all yoga teachings.