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    Verena (Dienstag, 14 Januar 2020 22:27)

    Dearest Sunny,
    A big warm thank you for being a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher. After years of trying, this was the 1st time I ever truly enjoyed doing yoga!! It was even fun and opened my mind. Your guidance in meditation, your spirituality, energy and warm heartedness made this Midwinter’s retreat just wonderful, and I‘m thankful for the thoughtful program you put together.
    Thanks also to Anja and Felipe for their good vibes and always delicious and fresh meals. Love to you 3

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    Sarah (Montag, 13 Januar 2020 21:49)

    I joined the Midwinter´s Dream 2019/20 at Chez Zen Southfrance what was an unforgettable week and wonderful experience. Anja and Felipe, besides beeing wonderful persons you both are the most adorable cooks I ever met! Everything made out only from what Mother Earth gave - it was absolutely delicious! I learned a lot! Sunny, you are an outstanding, warm and heart open person!! How patiently you finally brought me to Yoga - something I will never forget! :) ... I very, very much enjoyed your way of meditation and rituals from the beginning on. It brought magical deep moments and powered full heart energy! Finally the 5 elements dance meditation - WOW I have no words for that :) I really am so thankful to have met you guys and will ever be looking forward seeing you again, somewhere, somewhen....latest again at the Chez Zen! love you, xxx

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    Marieke (Sonntag, 13 Januar 2019 20:56)

    I participated in the Mindwinter's Dreams (New Year's) retreat in France. I was feeling burdened by my busy life and my worries before and the retreat helped me clear my mind. I especially loved learning the Tsa Lung ritual, I still practise it regularly, I feel that it is cleansing and gives me energy. I appreciated the ambiance, the kindness of the staff, the delicious vegan food... Everything turned out great. I particularly loved the New Year Eve celebration too, so much meaning, so much joy, so much fun together... It was easy to follow the directions in English too.
    Danke !